2. "A Taste of the Carnivorous"

    Sometimes when I suck in breath

    I taste you in my mouth

    And I wonder if you’re becoming me

    Or if I’m becoming you

    And if it’s remotely true

    That you love me

    And I love you

    Sometimes I think you’re changing me

    I wonder if I’ll ever be the same

    Cause my biology is different

    I can tell I’m not the same

    But it isn’t just mental scars

    Or saccharine memories

    Or cutesy little habits

    I really think you’re in my blood

    Come bleed me if you doubt it

    That’s not to say I’m not still me

    Cause I can feel that too

    No one will ever love me like I do

    But I can taste the difference

    I keep getting remade

    And you’ve added a spice,

    A slice, of you, I cannot trade

    It doesn’t matter if I like the taste

    It doesn’t matter if it ‘goes’

    I have to accept, I can’t move backwards

    Time flows only forward

    Don’t you know?

    I’ve ready chosen to need you

    And definitely to breathe you

    You’ll be the meat

    That I leave rosy pink


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    Alex Bage

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  7. Jack White performing "The Same Boy You’ve Always Known" at Château de Fontainebleau ()

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  8. This looks like a severely pickled mermaid

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  10. Miss summer thunder storms on the prairie.

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